About E-GENS
E-GENS are a neo-romantic duo from Russia. They play electronic music. They started in 1987 as AT-home. The band first appeared on the stage in 1991 with a band named BIO. The first 20 songs were recorded by the end of 1992. After approximately 15 years of musical silence, they started recording their new album called "Fine! Shine!" in 2007-2009. In a digital format certain songs had appeared on the Internet by the end of 2009. Its sales had started in 2010. So E-GENS were born.
In 2010, E-GENS stepped out of its studio and started to perform on various venues. In autumn of 2010 E-GENS played at the main scene of INTERRA international forum.
In January of 2011, A Different Drum label released the album "Fine! Shine! VIP edition". E-GENS took part in numerous musical compilations: An Inner Holiday (2010) & (2011), Synthematika Two (2010) & Three (2011), Synth Radio Russians Vol.2 (2011), Music for the Rising Sun: Part V (2011), DE/VISION - POPGEFAHR - THE MIX (German Edition, 2011), etc.
Songs of E-GENS were officially remixed trice:
Fine! Shine! by Lastrax (Argentina)
Fine! Shine! by Carved Souls (USA)
I’m Your Guide by Mr.Rome (Russia)
And now E-GENS give all their listeners full access to E-GENS music and videos. They perform live shows in many cities.
They play with other bands on stage. On April 6, 2012 they performed a live show with the bands VNV-Nation (UK) and Icon of Coil (Norway).
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e-gens members:
Eugene Titkov (a.k.a. t-gene) - composer, songwriter, vocals
Eugene Komarov (a.k.a. k-gene) - composer, songwriter, vocals, programming
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