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E-GENS at the rock-space LEGENDA

Sometimes they come back... E-GENS band (Evgeny Titkov and Evgeny Komarov) again go on stage on April 26 at the rock space LEGENDA in the city of Novosibirsk. Those who manage to buy tickets will hear, see and feel the breath of all the songs that were recorded by the band from 2007 to 2018. At 20:15, before the E-GENS band start, Yuri Yermolaev and Nikolai Kibirev will perform on stage (TEKHNOVECHERINKA Project). Tickets are selling through TimePad service. During the 3 remaining weeks before the event, the organizers, in the course of ticket sales, will play three branded CDs of the E-GENS band.
E-GENS at the rock-space LEGENDA

Dear friends! Finally, the best independent music store on the web CD Baby, processed and checked all the data of the PROMETHEUS album. Now, apart from the iTunes and Amazon, the newest E-GENS' album 2018 - PROMETHEUS can be bought in mp3.

After 5 years of silence E-GENS - faithful techno-romantics from Russia, appear in a new light with another studio album containing 15 songs in Russian! For more than 20 years E-GENS have been known as an English-singing band only. Today they present in Russian: 10 songs from the album Fine! Shine! (2010), 2 songs from the album Renewed Light (2013), as well as 2 brand new songs - Heaven and Prometheus. In February 2018 the band have signed a contract with ScentAir Records for the release of the album PROMETHEUS with a release date of April 15, 2018. CD will go on sale already on April 16 - 17. Digital sales will begin in largest digital media stores of the world on May 15. As part of the support for the album, E-GENS plans to give a series of live-shows in the current and forthcoming year in several cities of Russia and the World. The next studio compilation is to be released in 2019. It will include Russian versions of songs from the album Renewed Light (2013), and some new songs the band is going to record until the end of 2018.

E-GENS give the world their albums for free!
E-GENS, a Russian electronic music band from Novosibirsk, sang their songs in English from 1990, and focused on the audience of ageless techno-romantics raised on music of the 80s, decided to give a free download, copy, listen and play all their songs written and performed publicly in 24 years, from 1990 to 2014. The other day, all the E-GENS band members unanimously decided to give free access for unlimited time to all fans of electronic romance music. The decision is confined to the 5th anniversary of the public activities of the band.

E-GENS will Take part and will perform in the concert dedicated to the memory of Alexei Neuromancer. He was the founding member of the famous Russian band NEXUS VI. The concert will be held in Tomsk - the hometown of Alexei on 12 April, on the day of the remarkable Russian Holiday called The Cosmonautics Day. We believe that the date chosen for this concert fits the occasion very well. After all, electronic music and the cosmos are some of the verges considered to be of great importance by many people. The aspiration to discover the mysteries of the universe have always existed in the history of humankind. Let there be glory to all space discoverers! Let there be eternal memory for you Alex!


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e-gens fine! shine! 2010
e-gens - Fine! Shine! - 2010 Composer, songwriter, front voice: Eugene Titkov
Composer, programming: Eugene Komarov

Label: E-Gens Music
Format: CD, Album
Country: Russia, US
Released: 2010, murch
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electronic-pop
Special thanks for the tremendous support and assistance in the preparation, production and promotion of the album: Svetlana Titkova, Tatiana Dorozhkova, Pete Yazdi, Mikhail and Natasha Drozdetsky, Alexander Gusev, Maria Guseva, Mikhail Murashko, Anton Menshikov, Dmitry Alexeenko, Mihail and Olga Agafonovs, Vitaliy Petuhov, Anastasia Titkova
Dedicated to our dear parents: Tamara Dremova, Victor Titkov, Valentine Skudarnova, Vladimir Komarov
Original version from Fine! Shine! album, 2010
All songs available in mp3, 320 kbps.

Latest version from Fine! Shine! album, 2013
All songs available in mp3, 320 kbps.

You can download Fine! Shine! original lyrics:
e-gens - Fine! Shine! Lyrics (English) (pdf)
e-gens - Fine! Shine! Lyrics (English-Russian) (pdf)
Fine! Shine! - new album by Titkov Eugene and Eugene Komarov and the first (debut) album of e-gens project

The first track, Fine! Shine! gave name to the whole album. It was created in a hospital in the department of Cardiology, where Eugene Titkov lay on the survey. It was just a song with words and the main melody. Eugene Titkov not had not slept it was one of the longest nights in his life. There was a 60 year old patient, seemingly crazy, walking down the hallway and was reading some touching love poems to a young nurse. In the next section, a patient lay sleeping with a sick heart, yet the doctors at the Emergency Care worked to save lives. Some of the expected and unexpected events in such a place allowed a vivid picture of the struggle for life and happiness to cross Eugene Titkov's mind, both for Eugene himself and for others. As Eugene Titkov has said, many of the characters and events in this song is very closely associated with an alternative history of the Earth, carefully implemented in the famous TV series Battlestar Galactica. Being at the hospital did not stop the work on the song and it was first done by mobile phone from the Cardiology department's corridor.

Music basis of the second track - I Can Touch the Sun - was established in late 2008, and was finally completed in summer 2009. Idea of the song was born many years ago, in 1990 and was a blank verse called "The Suit" to read: "Once again I put on my outrage and disgrace from his former suit from the primeval forest, his old clothes that will hide anything that reminds you of b my beast of your circle, with you running in fear. I again put on his costume. This glorious dress wild steppe, the dull thud of hoofs on the ground, sky, twinkling starry rain. I again donned his suit lone pine tree standing, illuminated magic moon. Once again I sing your song. Everything flows, everything changes. Only the values remain the same". With the new words, the song has received a more positive sense, and it better conveys the value of e-gens essence.

Music of the third track - The Song of Sky Gear - is the most "ancient" for its time of creation. It was established in October 2003. This was the first topic that came up with Eugene Titkov after 14 years of silence, impressed with new works from artists such as A-ha, Erasure, and others. "But we do not live someone else's images", - said Eugene Titkov, - «Just give impetus to the modern masters, strengthen faith. Much older influences of artists such as: SPACE, U-vox, and DROIDS are used in the song The Song of Sky Gear. But this by itself is not very important. This song contains the real anthem of romantic existentialist. Listening to it, one is inspired by the will to live life to the fullest. This rejection of the bindings in the past and the belief in the future."

Track 4 - We Change - was the first fruit of our collective creativity. The momentum was set bu Eugene Titkov in the form of a simple driven theme "We Will Rock You" (Queen). Then Michael Drozdetsky came at it with a completely different point of view, which I picked up on and turned it into the verse melody, and eventually the chorus. Eugene Komarov was responsible for creating all the arrangements. The song We Change was an original arrangement in May 2008, only one month after its first first sketches. After experiencing some minor problems with the lyrics and vocals, it caused it to be completed a month later, resulting in a radically different energy for the chorus than we had anticipated from the start. The final version of the verse melody was proposed by Eugene Komarov. E-gens gives great importance to the content of each song both in its text and main melody, carefully differing the song from all the other tracks. We Change - is a song about life in a mainstream world full of lies, and how one can resist changing themselves. This hymn is to real changes.

Track 5 - Breath a Forgiving - was actually the 7th song created. Eugene Komarov came up with the main bass chorus and immediately turned his idea into a great arrangement. Eugene Titkov only had to come up with the melody verse and chorus and unveil one of the most conceptual texts of the group. This song is dedicated to finding the unconditional divine love that each of us wants to find in this life. The words Breath of Forgiving confidently hold you to the world of sincere feelings experienced by the people who love each other until death.

Track 6 - That Is Your Prize - was the third song created on the album. Surprisingly, this track came about quite accidentally when Eugene Komarov was establishing 15 account versions of the arrangements for Save the Love, one of e-gens first songs. The text and melody were generated by Eugene Titkov on his way to work while listening to some rough arrangements of Save the Love. It was as if poetry had poured down from heaven. Most of the text was written during instantaneous correspondence on ICQ. We were very impressed with the results. This song is about love karmic issue between a man and a woman. As far as love can be selfish? So, that might not be love. That's what this song.

"Heart to Heart" (the 7th track on the album) was almost entirely created by Eugene Komarov. Eugene Titkov came up with the chorus melody; it was inspired by the magnificent theme verse and perfect romantic arrangement which they improved upon. This is a conceptual song says Eugene Titkov. Melting Away was the original former name of the song. The original lyrics went: "I have something to lose with each passing day more and more. All this run away through me at a furious pace, taking my particles with him. I’m like a palace conceal from the sand, the surf wash events, the winds of time eroded conceal. I’m melting away. Trying to stand still conceal. So, from me, one thing remains lifeless body. Everything else remains in history. But you know, not the body I worry, but that will leave in the past. This is my story. It is my eternity. And I'm afraid to leave there the same lifeless, desolate something, stuffed to overflowing matter. It is scary to watch
the story birth in the future. My body will be in the future, a symbol of this story. I have something to lose with every passing day more
and more..."

8th album track, I'm Your Guide was created by Eugene Komarov in late 2008. Eugene Titkov provided the text and vocals. The chorus and verse were sung in two different energy options. Moreover, there is another version of the text and the manner of singing. As always,
e-gens have decided to leave the option in the album where vocals were brighter on the senses, where a finer job.

Save the Love-the 9th track of the album was the 2nd song written in the spring of 2007. The song was based on the theme established by e-gens 2003 immediately after waking from hibernation and the creation of their first Fire in One. Eugene Titkov said: "I love this topic so far. Pity not been realized in the original form. Only issue chorus is a bit like the original. It was the most difficult track on alterations and refinements. But a good song is. This is a song that often happens to people, one feels that love is dying and does its utmost to save it. "We believe e-gens, said Eugene Komarov, - love - a living thing, always scared when she dies. And if there is a chance to save her, it is better to use it."

Lastly, track 10, My Heart is Calling was founded in feb. 2007. At its creation in draft form, with the arrangements and selected sounds, it took no more than 2 hours to form. The music was born, as if from nowhere Eugene Titkov says, "I came to the studio after my main job. We drank some brandy and I became exhausted and fell asleep". Eugene played music together for something. Upon awakening, I said - Why are we not doing music? What prevents us? That's cool! Was immediately set up a theme has acquired sounds. My soul soared and sang - my heart is calling you! ". Initially it was natural intro track with laconic bass and funky effects. But then Eugene Komarov suggested that even a bass and a song, as if acquired a sliding drive. Eugene Titkov said: "It was a track where I put my voice. As a result, was born at no similar manner to which I am proud of." This is a song - a symbol of the city of romance, of strength and beauty of love, entwined with the harmony of the urban world, in which she was born and lives.
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